Frequently Asked

Is ClaimWatch a proven system?
Yes, absolutely. ClaimWatch is now in use at many bodyshops. Since incorporating ClaimWatch into their daily management, all have found it to be highly successful and are experiencing a significant reduction in customer calls.

What do I need to begin using ClaimWatch?
Chances are, if you're viewing this website, you already have all the hardware you need! ClaimWatch requires a computer that is connected to the internet, a website is needed if you want your customers to login and track their repairs from your website.

Will ClaimWatch fit in with my current site?
ClaimWatch will be fully branded to fit in with your corporate colours and logo.

I don't have a website. Can I still use ClaimWatch?
Of course. ClaimWatch only requires an initial access page, which our partner company Viccari Wheele can create with your company logo, included in the cost. If you do not currently have a domain name (website address), we will be able to arrange this for you. Likewise, if you require a multi-page website to provide full information about your company and its services, Viccari Wheele will be pleased to quote for this separately.

How much does it cost/What will I get for my money?
Firstly, you will need a domain name (website address). You pay an initial one off set up fee of £150 plus £100 for your first batch of texts. Monthly licence fees range between £75 to £125 depending on scheme. Prices subject to VAT. (Please see full price list on bodyshop page for more details). The setup fee includes customisation to your bodyshop's colours with your company logo. The monthly fee includes hosting the ClaimWatch system on the ClaimWatch server, hosting is a necessary part of our online system. We are constantly developing and improving ClaimWatch and minor upgrades will automatically be applied. Prior notification will be given. Major upgrades to include functionality changes will be available in later versions for a subsequent fee.*

Who are Viccari Wheele and why did they develop ClaimWatch?
Viccari Wheele are a design studio based in West Sussex with 15 years experience designing for the bodyshop industry. As a result, they have had lots of contact with bodyshop managers. It became evident that customers and work providers need to access repair information but this naturally causes disruption to the bodyshop, ie. numerous phonecalls, faxes, emails and so on. Viccari Wheele's solution was to create a system that could be updated by the bodyshop as part of their daily management, with certain information accessible to their customers and work providers. For more information about Viccari Wheele, please visit the Viccari Wheele website.

Can ClaimWatch display only the information I want to show?
Yes. ClaimWatch is controlled by you and you have the ability to update each job as you wish. You can select the stage of repair and even write personalised comments for individual jobs.